GIS Combines Marketing with BlueCross Dental & Vision Products

Group Insurance Services has combined marketing efforts with the dental and vision units of BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee to create a single source for all ancillary products providing the perfect complement to the BlueCross medical products. The merging of our branded and non-branded ancillary product areas will provide a better benchmark of how we compete in the marketplace, and create opportunities to develop superior product packages for your clients.

To further help you offer ancillary products to your clients, new product coordinator positions have been created to serve their respective brokers in the East, Central and West Regions. These coordinators can provide product-specific expertise as you integrate DentalBlue, VisionBlue and GIS products with BlueCross medical coverage.

The new division will remain under the direction of Senior Vice President Henry Smith; while David Stevens will oversee the Sales & Marketing unit and Cheryl Willoughby will have direction over the Operations unit within the new division.

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